I Thrive, believe it or not.

A year or so ago, I had a friend talk me into trying Thrive. From what I got from it was that it was just another new age, possible pyramid scheme weight loss product. Although I was very critical and reluctant, I could see a positive change in her since using it, so I gave it a try. 

I read all the reviews, tried to find complaints, and was pleasantly surprised. While not every user of Thrive had results, many did. Not just weight loss, but increased energy, better sleep and  the universe knew I needed that. 

I don’t push the product on anyone, because the few times friends or family tried it, they were discouraged they didn’t drop 15lbs in one week. And I get that, as the results are different for everyone. That’s the big  problem with products like these- nothing can work better than dedicated time, exercise and healthy eating habits. 

I started the product around the same time I dropped soda from my diet. Yes, there is caffiene in Thrive, but I am so tolerant of caffiene, I can drink coffee up until bed time and still sleep. The first thing I noticed within a week or two of using the product, I was getting a restful sleep and waking up before the alarm. I NEVER was able to do that. Ask my mother, she has had to physically pull me out of bed as a child, and even a few instances as an adult when I slept through my alarms and phone calls, and my boss was concerned I was missing. 

I regularly use Thrive. It’s simple. First thing when I wake up, I drink a small shake, take 2 vitamin like pills and put a “DFT” patch on. The patch is commonly mistaken for a nicotine patch. The shake doesn’t taste bad and the pills are a manageable size.  I additionally use their “Balance”, which is a nightly probiotic. 

While it isn’t a miracle drug, it works for me. I did not lose weight using it, didn’t experience lack of appetite, or gain mad muscles, but my results were fitting for me. Restful sleep, and added nutrition. If you find yourself interested in this stuff, feel free to reach out to me. I will gladly give you the ups, downs and in betweens with no holds barred. 

In order to view their products,  you just go to my  Thrive website. 

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