My Kryptonite

I grew up and lived the first half of my life in a four season community. However, I can only remember two seasons, Cold Autumn, and Freezing Winter. So, when the chance came to move happily ever to Florida, I took it. I have always been effected by the weather, the miserable weather, that is. I am that person who is always cold, gets moody after more than one day of cloudy, rainy, cold days. Seasonal Depression is real for me, Vitamin D supplements, tanning beds and those trendy light bulbs you are supposed to put in fixtures during the winter months don’t work at all.

Now, Florida weather isn’t perfect, by all means. But it is for me. It only took about 6 months living in a warmer climate for my “blood to thin” and temperatures that seemed warm up north, to make my teeth chatter here. We also have those things called Hurricanes. I have been blessed to experience/survive two, crippling “100 Year Storms” within a year (how that happens, I am not positive, ha) Hurricanes in a location that has some of the lowest chances of storm hits. But, between the moons, tides, water temps and size of these storms, they hit us. At least the temperatures never went below 80 degrees, and it typically is sunny a few hours after it rolls through.

Weather is about the only thing that will knock me off the motivation wagon. I love the heat, humidity and sun. Since I started racing in the late Spring of 2017, I haven’t had a lot of experience of racing in the down right cold temperatures. And it challenged me in my last two OCR’s of 2017. Central Florida’s Spartan Beast on December 9th, following up with a Terrain Race December 16th. Not only in the Spartan Beast were the temps in the 50s, but there was a good breeze from time to time, as well as misting to a steady drizzle of rain. I am usually tolerant of being wet & cold waist down, but once I submerged myself in the Dunk Wall (towards the end of the race-thankfully), I was hurting. I could feel my what little body warmth I had kept, leaving me so quickly, it was miserable.20171216_121154 Like your mom always told you, “Don’t go outside with your hair wet in the winter!” As for the Terrain Race, high 40s to low 50’s, and they are cute enough to start you out in a 4ft deep above ground swimming pool. You are chilled before you start. While Terrain doesn’t require any “head under water” obstacles, that cold start was cramp inducing early on.

For the first time ever, during a very cold spurt, I no showed on a race. It was a small, charity type, homemade OCR about an hour away. While it started later in the morning, I had been unfortunately diagnosed with an ear infection the week before (I blame the Beast race in December), and found I had no cold weather rated gear. When I say cold spurt, I mean 30s. I just couldn’t risk getting sicker, or not beating the ear infection. While I was bummed, mad I lost out on my entry fee, I realize now, it was a good choice.  I am pretty sure not attending it, allowed me to regroup and heal at speedier rate.

But yeah, cold is my kryptonite. I rather have face melting, dehydrating, sticky humid heat for every race out there. I think its probably because I do work outside in summer in this climate, and am very acclimated to heat, versus the cold.

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