Why I Crossfit

I know people have heard all kind of things about Crossfit– the good, bad, really bad & ugly. I have heard it all. Trust me, when I researched online in the beginning, I would see doctors claiming damaging movements, people with their shins torn up from box jumps, gashes from double unders in jump rope….But, I also saw results from crossfitters that had great, experienced gyms and coaches.

While they say Crossfit is for everybody, I disagree in a sense. It is, however, I think, great for every BODY (young, old, fit, not fit, etc), just not every person.

See, I am intimidated by machines, cables, weight contraptions that look like robots and finger pinchers. I cannot be trusted enough to push myself or do a written work out plan, by myself. I don’t dance, so Zumba is out. I’ve tried Yoga once, unbeknownst to me, it was an advanced class, that took place on the beach, and IT WAS HARD-and just not my thing. Group exercise, all females, is also intimidating to me and sometimes distracting when I realize I am the only one NOT wearing make up & jewelry. I do love a good spin class, but I like to go as it hits me, not be placed on a waiting list, or wait for the RSVP page to open. So, basically, Crossfit fits me.

Now, I won’t get “Hulk” muscles, but that’s not what I want. I want endurance, stamina and strength. I was lucky to find my gym, The Academy, by a fluke. One day, a Facebook ad popped up on my news feed about an 8 week challenge for ladies wanting an introduction to Crossfit, but without bar use. Fearfully, I signed up. I even counted how many days “I’d have to go” and wondered if I could survive. Keep in mind, I did no type of fitness or sport prior to this in over 15 years.

The Academy is not only clean, but their trainers/coaches are top of the line. They don’t let you hurt yourself, they push you when you need pushed (I need that, time to time) and hold you back when you need it. MemeThey are also just all around good souls. With their experience, personalities and the gym goers these qualities attract, it makes this facility perfect for me.

Now, I can’t do double unders, handstands, crazy high box jumps or a perfect snatch…Hell, I probably won’t be able to them perfect, ever, ha! But, I am good at other Crossfit affiliated movements, and I will only get better, with persistence and consistency.

Crossfit gets a bad rap, but its really the people. There are great, experienced coaches out there, and there are shitty ones, too. Just like anything out there. I think the best part is, when you are starting out, great coaches scale down the routines to your fitness level. While you still get in the work, its just adjusted to you, your weaknesses and strengths. Like, say you are a serious runner, and can do the running workouts like its nothing, but when it comes to doing a strict push press, you might not be able to do the “prescribed weight” on the work out..just yet. And that’s ok, and they will help you make it doable. Can’t stand on your head and do push ups? No problem, they put you on a box. Still no pull up ability? That’s ok, that’s why there are resistance bands and rings.

Unlike what you may hear in the stereotyping of this workout regime, I will not announce to every one I meet that I Crossfit, or try to gettedn9 anyone to join me. I do laugh at all the Crossfit jokes & memes out there on the interwebs. I do own lots of Reebok Crossfit apparel and have laid on the gym floor after a work out, leaving an outline of myself in sweat, wondering if I was dying. I will never use Crossfit terminology while speaking to you or mention how much I loathe calorie rows. Everyone is different and thrives differently in fitness. I tried it, liked it and got results.

The ever so changing work outs, the strength AND conditioning, and being in an open air gym really got me in shape enough to do OCR’s. While all the other ways to work out are great too, this works for me.

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