Wipe Out, I mean, Rugged Maniac!

My first experience with Rugged Maniac was in Conyers, Georgia. That is still a trek from my home in Florida, but I was able get one of Floridian friends to ride with me on that super hot day.  Sitting East of Atlanta, it still has its share of traffic. It was about a 6 hour drive-one way, and having a fellow only-childer with me was perfect-We solved every problem in the world with those 12 hours of conversation.

This race was a “come down” for me, after the Asheville Spartan Super (which was my first Super,

and first encounter of hill climbing in quite some time). The Asheville Spartan literally made my quads cry, with nothing but 8+ miles of incline, and not one down hill to show for it, ha! I figured a 5k OCR in HotLanta sun, I could handle. My inkling was correct, about the only thing that ached after this race was my butt from the long ride and my ribs from laughing so hard at myself and with other racers.

Rugged Maniac is a blast. While it has some challenging/technical obstacles, it has its fair share of “inflatable” or floating obstacles. That’s what made this race so much fun–I really felt like a kid again, and in the open wave, I felt like a pro athlete. Basically, this race attracts every fun-loving person out there. Let’s just say it was nice to not be surrounded by super athletes, nailing every obstacle perfectly with their 8 pack abs!

When you go to their website, you will see a lot of their obstacles will remind you of that show, “Wipe Out.” I am not sure it airs anymore, but if you enjoyed watching that show, you would enjoy being a racer or spectator in this race. I can tell you, the fails on the Rugged Maniac obstacles are just as, if not more hilarious than the show. You will witness racers completely bomb an obstacle, scream, slip/fall and laugh the whole time during it.

One obstacle involves inflatable, swinging, oversized punching bags blocking you from crossing a water obstacle as you try to walk on floating, foam walk way (think yoga mat). Those swinging punching bags were knocking people off, left & right, as the mats were sinking with more than 15lbs on the mats—so think about a full grown adult on them.  I heard so much screaming and laughing coming up to that obstacle, I couldn’t wait to do it!

“The Crag”, which reminded me of an old Nickelodeon show, is this inflatable mountain/bounce house like thing, I landed so hard on the other side, it bounced me me back to my starting point. I would’ve loved to seen my playback video, ha!

Overall, I want to suggest this race to anyone, young & old, beast, weekend warrior or coach potato. I think this would be a great team-building thing to do with employers & employees, family reunion kick off, etc. Rugged is also one of the
ONLY race series that will refund your money for a race in case you can’t make it. No hassle, no extra fees. It’s one of the cheapest races I’ve done, and their discounts are a plenty throughout the year, especially during the holiday/off season months. Yet, very organized and well planned. I loved my t-shirt, headband and medal, too. All good quality. I loved laughing that hard, too.

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